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New Collection announced!

3D printable Medival Fortress by War Scenery

Dear Subscribers and Supporters, may we present our newest Collection: Grim Dark Ages, which is taking is back into the Middle Ages. With this modular 3D printable Terrain Set, which is coming to our store very soon, we want to thank all of you for the great times that lie behind us and those that are still on the horizion! The Siege continues:

 3D printable Medival Walls with Guard Towers by War Scenery
Medival High Walls with Guard Towers
3D printable Medival Modular Stairway Piece  by War Scenery

3D printable Medival Normal Walls with Gate House by War Scenery
Medival Normal Walls with Gate House
3D printable destroyed Wall by War Scenery

Thanks and Greetings from War Scenery!

War Scenery Medival Fortress Wall
War Scenery Meme Fortress

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