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Newsletter [April 2021]

Aktualisiert: 31. Dez. 2021

Welcome back to our War Scenery Newsletter! We are finally "back to normality" with our monthly Newsletter! After the hugely successful last Campaign we can now bring you up to date about what's going on with War Scenery:

1. Grimdark Medival Walls released!

Our very very serious new Collection Grimdark Medival (revealed on April 1st) has it's first Bundle released in our Shop, get it discounted in April for it:

2. Facebook Group for German Tabletop and Printing fans launched:

Schaut gerne auf unserer neuen Facebook Gruppe 3D Druck für Tabletop vorbei, die wir mit anderen deutschen Tabletop und 3D Druck interessierten Personen aufgebaut haben:

3. Kickstarter Campaign completed + survey:

The campaign is finished, the models have all been sent out, we ask you, dear backers, to fill out our quick survey as it helps us a lot, and it's your opportunity to make your voices heard!

4. What's next?

While a grusome siege battle has been fought in the grim darkness of the future, the galaxy far far away has not been at sleep at all! There is unrest stiring up in glimmering capitol on a distant world, words of liberation are silently whispered in safe and shadowed places. Can the tyranny of the authority be overcome, will there be freedom?

Blooming alleys and shimmering streets will be set ablaze again but this time by blaster fire and firey embers. Rebellion on our minds, death or glory we may find....

War Scenery WIP City House
War Scenery Heavy Weapons
Walk softly and carry a big blaster

The Siege continues!

Your War Scenery Team

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