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Newsletter [May 2021]

Welcome to the May 2021 Newsletter. It's showtime again!

This time we have some amazing new test-prints to show you, trusted subscribers, loyal companions. This is again a look into what's going on behind the scenes in the War Scenery Industrial Complex:

1. Printed Sci-Fi City Buidling:

For our upcoming Kickstarter, we test printed a city house and here is the amazing result.

2. Printed Scatter Terrain and Miniatures:

For our upcoming Kickstarter, we have done some Miniature and Scatter Terrain Test-Prints as well and here is the amazing result.

3. Grimdark Stronghold availiable in store:

All models from the Grimdark Stronghold Collection are now availiable in our store. If you weren't able to pick it up before, now is the time.

4. In other news:

Thanks again for you ongoing support, our plans are huge and we are currently in the process of developing two new Campaigns! In other news, we are now on Twitter as well, follow us there too.


Your War Scenery Team

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