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6 more days of Grim Darkness! [+News]

Dear Subscribers we are now deep in Grimdark Territory and there are still a few days left to back the War Scenery Grimdark Stronghold Kickstarter and we would like to share some new images from the upcoming Stretchgoals with you. There is more cool 3d printable terrain coming up, the siege continues:

1. Kickstarter News:

War Scenery Stretchgoal
War Scenery Wall Cannons

Feeling insecure? We've got you covered!

War Scenery Stretchgoal
War Scenery Concept Art Cannon

The epitomy of destruction is upon us!

2. Cooperation News:

War Scenery is now partnering with a renowned 3D Printing service provider from Germany; Urban Artworx. The Team at Urban Artworx does fantastic work with producing high quality printed products for your Tabletop Adventures. So, if you don't have a printer of your own or not enough capacity, definetly check them out at: Urban Artworx

War Scenery Cooperation

We wish you all good luck in the wars to come and hope to see you soon on our newest War Scenery Kickstarter project.

Your War Scenery Team

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Written by: War Scenery

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