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Castograd Kickstarter launched!

Welcome to our 14th War Scenery 3D printable Terrain Kickstarter. All our previous Kickstarters are availiable as addons to your pledge as well. We offer our models as STL files or physically printed: VIEW ON KICKSTARTER

We have improved our models even more from your feedback. Small antennas and spikes are separated, to be printed on seperatly. The models have a low part count, can be easily assembled and are openable to play inside.

As always, War Scenery models print support free on all FDM printers which makes printing them SLA also very easy. Miniatures are all pre-supported. Every terrain piece or miniature is also optimized for fast printing.

f you don't have a 3D printer yourself. With this Kickstarter we are offering you the chance to buy a bundle of physically printed Terrain (shipped to your doorstep).

These 14 Guardsmen are printed in resin at the highest achievable print quality:

Thanks and Greetings

Your War Scenery Team

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Written by: War Scenery

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