• Louis (War Scenery)

Stronghold Landing Tower

Updated: Jun 25

Hello everyone! This is our second Newsletter that's taking an in depth look at some of the new models from our current Kickstarter Campaign:

The Landing Tower is a big print with many different parts. The end result will be a blast on every gaming table!

Here are a few more perspectives on the Landing Tower:

Now we focus on the functional parts of the model:

A highlight of this model is of course the fully functional elevator!

This is the elevated plattform in a close up! You can place one or multiple minis in there and you can also lock it into position.

Another cool feature is the removable roof of the Ground Base:

There are even some consoles on both sided, along with blast doors to the elevator in the center.

We have printed all parts for demonstration in a smaller scale on a CR20PRO:

All the Parts:

1 Ground Station Body,

2 Bridge Supporter,

3 Comm Antennas,

4 Landing Pad,

5 Bridges,

6 Bridge Roof,

7 Pipes,

8 Elevator,

9 Ground Station Roof,

10 Pad Lower Supports,

11 Elevator Roof

Here is the assembled version. (Microfigures not included)

Greetings from War Scenery and welcome to Yar'Kassy!