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NEW Kickstarter is LIVE

It's finally happening. We are launching United Frontier - 3D printable Sci-Fi Terrain on Kickstarter. Have a look at what we are offering here: HERE

Dawn of War Warhammer 40k Terrain Tau War Scenery

Here are a few new renders from the United Frontier Campaign by War Scenery:

Dawn of War Tau Thermo Plasma

Here is the Listenig Post Tower in two variations, also with a banner version.

War Scenery United Frontier Tau Terrain

This landing pad is actually free! This landing Pad can be downloaded by subscribing to our Newsletter, if you have already, just click on the pad:

Here is a very smoothtalking Merchant Diplomat, check the Kickstarter to see how you can get to print him.

Tau Watercast War Scenery 3D printable

At the end we wanted gift you a Postcard we made, that you can send to all your friends to show them your support of our project. The more pledgers the more you will unlock together, that's the deal.

Greetings and Thanks

Your War Scenery Team

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