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Newsletter [August 2023]

Dear Subscribers! With this blog post we are looking back at a successful Kickstarter and some amazing behind the scenes progress for the best 3D printable Terrain out there.

1. Last Stretchgoal revealed!

With the Armored Listening Post the last Stretchgoal of Chapters Headquarter was just revealed!

Dawn of War 3D printable Space Marine Terrain

2. Late Pledge Chapters HQ

If you have missed the Campaign we are still offering late pledges for all pledge levels of this Campaign. Just send us an email to info [at]

Dawn of War 3D printable Space Marine Terrain

3. File Release Chapters HQ

We are aiming to release all files for Chapters HQ on the 26th of September. Please check your Kickstarter Message Inbox!

4. New Teasers

What do we have here? Stylish houses with modular connection bridges usable for mutliple games like Shatterpoint or Legion? Wow that must be interesting.

5. Printed Terrain

Her we have a very cool set of painted Grimdark Terrain painted for our partner Tabletop Terrain. How cool are these looking?

6. New Video by Zorpazorp

Thanks and Greetings

Your War Scenery Team

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Written by: War Scenery

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