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Newsletter [December 2021]

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

The last newsletter for this year, and wow, what a year it was for War Scenery.

Lets do a little rundown of what happened and give glimpse of what's coming.

1. Grimdark Stronghold [January 2021]

Through the mud and blood of the battlefield we walk, across spoiled lands full of shellcraters and barbed wire we see. Our eyes fall on a grim and bitter defense line. Endless trenches span no man's land, high walls and heavy guns on the horizon.

But even behind the battlelines, toxic fumes of industry and a more sinister smell fill the air. The war must feed itself, they said, oh how right were....The darkness of the far future has arrived. The grim darkness is here:

Grimdark Stronghold by War Scenery

2. Space Battle pack [July 2021]

Get into your Starfighter and fight for dominion over the galaxy. Since July these amazing files where availiable and they where also availiable on District 1919.

Space Battle Pack by War Scenery

3. District 1919 [November 2021]

There is unrest stirring up in the glimmering capitol of a distant world. The prosperous and glooming streets of the luxorious district have become a place of conflict. Where once tourists and smugglers traversed the bustling streets, now anarchy reigns! The air is now filled by smoke and blaster fire. A team of specialists strives to take control of the capital. While they call themselves freedom fighters, the authority calls them insurgents. The war has come - are you ready to join the fight?

District 1919 by War Scenery

District 1919 has been released yesterday! Happy printing everyone.

Whats going on in the next year you ask?

1. January 2022

In the next January we will do a relaunch so to say, of the Website and form then on also start to revist older collections, some more some less, and have a closer look at them. Expect a lot in 2022.

2. March 2022

Kicking off in February (date not official) will be the reveal of a new Grimdark Collection for all you dystopian Sci-Fi Fans.

3. Q1 2022

But fans of the Galaxy far away don't need to be sad as there will be also a new collection for them probably also in Q1.

Thats all for now! Happy new Year

Greetings and thanks for subscribing

Your War Scenery Team

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Written by: War Scenery

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