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Newsletter [December 2023]

A new year dawns, and what better way to celebrate it than reading this very well written newsletter by War Scenery about your favourite 3D printable Wargaming terrain. We have a lot to get into so, here we go:

1. A year in review:

2023 was a tough and stressful year, but we still managed to publish 3 new Collections of 3D printable Wargaming Terrain for all of you out there to print:

These campaigns were among the most successful we've ever done, for that we are very thankful. You can now pick up each model from these new collections seperatly in our store.

2. New Free Preview-Model:

Behind the scenes we have been working on another new and interesting project, which we haven't talked about before. You now have the chance to print the first model from this upcoming pointy-eared collection:

Eldar 3D printable Terrain

3. New Videos covering War Scenery Terrain:

A suprise release of a very very cool video suprised us very much. We are very thankful for the coverage and you can see how great the Chapters HQ Range looks painted in the original painting scheme.

4. New Licensed Printers:

A lot of newcomers joined our ever growing group of licensed printers. If you want to join this group and become a printer of War Scenery Terrain as well. Click on the image below or go to:

Thanks and Greetings Your War Scenery Team

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Written by: War Scenery

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