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Newsletter [February 2022]

A storm of steel will come, you better be prepared. This is your world, fight for it! And a happy welcome, back to the one and only War Scenery Newsletter:

1. New Review Video (Simple Dungeons):

In his first video covering 3D printing, Dino from Simple Dungeons takes you on a first trip into the world of printing. And you can guess who had the honour of being featured in this really well made video. Yes, its us ;) and our little Crematorium.

2. Next Kickstarter Teaser:

Well what do we have hear? A little bunker with a rotateable Turret? Have we seen it before? What could this mean?

War Scenery 3D printed Terrain Dawn of War

3. More printed Terrain Images:

Here is a little Gallery for you of 3D printed War Scenery Terrain from multiple Collections. Featured are prints from Tabletop Terrain, WAW Battlefield and more:

Greetings and Cheers

Your War Scenery Team

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Written by: War Scenery

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