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Newsletter [January 2022]

The year 2022 starts promising, welcome back to the War Scenery Newsletter! We are ready to show you some more of what we are planning for this year, stay tuned:

1. Miniatures:

Well well well, who do we have hear? We still don't know the secret identities of these two skilled swordsmen. Swordsmen? What about the Swordwomen..... you know the drill ;)

War Scenery 3D printable Miniatures

2. Grimdark Terrain:

A test print in Resin from one of the models coming in the next War Scenery Grimdark Collection!

War Scenery 3D printable Terrain Dawn of War Energy Generator

3. Sci-Fi Terrain:

These ones are also new silhouettes of upcoming terrain for the next Sci-Fi Campaign in the far far away galaxy!

War Scenery 3D printable Sci-Fi Terrain

4. New extensive Review:

A great video by the Australian Wargamer Macca, from the Outer Circle!

Thanks for subscribing


Your War Scenery Team

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