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Newsletter [January 2024]

Dear War Scenery fans. We return in the year of our lord 2024 with some fresh news for you about your favourite 3D printable Terrain and Minis.

1. Collab Kickstarter LIVE:

Our United Frontier TAU Terrain collection is part of the Deadly Print Studio Kickstarter which was just launched. You can get the whole set there for just 55€ as an addon. Check out the campaign here: Get it here!

2. License Printers, still open vacancies:

Did you ever want to print War Scenery Terrain and sell it to a world of interested hobbyist that don't have a 3D printer? Well, you still can, you can join the ranks of our 30 Printing Partners from all around the world:

3. New Video featuring War Scenery:

What do we have here? Could Uncle Atom have picked up a yet unreleased set of War Scenery Minis?

4. New Instagram Collabs:

A lot of very talented artists will soon bring miniatures from an upcoming collection to live. The video above might give you a hint.... We can't tell you more right now but be on the look out for posts from:

5. Upcoming War Scenery Events:

Meet us at te following events. Expect us to bring some awesome Minis and Terrain for you and also beautifully painted display pieces and models:

  • Tactica, Hamburg [24.02.-25.02.]

  • Adepticon, Chicago [20.03.-24.03.]

  • Andere Welten, Apensen [20.04.]

6. Printed Terrain Examples:

Here are some more amazing photos sent in by our customers to inspire you!

Thanks and Greetings

Your War Scenery Team

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Written by: War Scenery

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