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Newsletter [Juli 2020]

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Welcome back to our War Scenery Newsletter!

Yes we know, we skipped June but that was for a good reason....

What has been happening in these last months besides the obvious very successful Kickstarter Campaign?

All files have been delivered and multiple people already received their printed physical addons! The reviews have been great and we are thinking about expanding on the printed physical stuff in the future...

1. Miniatures

Miniatures are here to stay, they will become availiable in the shop and there will be more in the future... Just as easy as that ;)

2. Big Shop Updates

We are currently hard at work revamping our Shop and improving its visual and technical features. We have already reworked some of our products to make the Apocalypse Fortress Collection a bit more comprehensible. We hope you like these changes. We are also implementing some more improvements along the way...

2.1 Yar'Kassy

The Yar'Kassy Desert City Kickstarter Campaign is now availiable on our website as well. If you want to pick up some individual Models this is your chance. But be informed that backing our Campaigns is always the cheapest and best way to pick up our Collections :)

2.2 Revised Collections

Speaking of Collections, the Desert Trading Post Models have ALL been revised and updated visually. Our First Collection, the Sci-Fi Scenery Collection is currently beeing revised for better printability and cleaner look too. Expect them coming to our shop this month. (They are not availiable for as long as they are beeing improved)

3. Ideas for our next campaigns

Many cool ideas reached us though our Surveys and we can confirm that we are taking those ideas very serious, as there were some amazing ideas in there like:

4. Some little Teasers

Thanks for reading until this point:

What do we have here?

Reworked and with a cleaner render...

Greetings and thanks

Your War Scenery Team


Yar'Kassy comes to the Shop, Trading Post and Sci-Fi Scenery beeing revised, next campaign will be epic ;)

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Written by: War Scenery

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