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Newsletter [July 2022]

We are back with our War Scenery Newsletter once again. Yes, its late... and it's already August BUT we had a lot of interesting develpments we want to share.

1. United Frontier will soon be availiable

We are nearing the release of all files from United Frontier, our latest 3D printable Terrain Kickstarter. There still is the possibility until the release to puchase a Late Pledge for the original price. So hit us up with an email and you're in :)

Tau Sentry Turret 3D Print Warhammer 40k

2. War Scenery on My Mini Factory:

We wanted to draw your attention to our new MMF Account on which we plan to release at least some of our models in the near future. Subscribe there too!

3. New Prints:

That's it for now take car!

Cheers and Greetings

Your War Scenery Team

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Written by: War Scenery

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