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Newsletter [June 2021]

Welcome to the June 2021 War Scenery Newsletter:

We would like to show you some really great prints this time, we are also hard at work on the next 2 Campaigns that will be revealed soon.

1. Printed War Scenery Eternity Wall:

This is a 3D printed Modular Eternity Wall from the War Scenery Grimdark Stronghold Collection, which is availiable in our store. Well, this took quite some time to complete but we think it was worth it! Painting will commence soon enough and we will keep you updated.

2. Printed by other hobbyists:

This is a collection of different 3D printed Terrains from the War Scenery Collections, which we would like to show you, they have been sent to us by some very talented hobbyists, if you have a cool printed War Scenery piece feel free to send us a PM on Facebook:

You can also go very very small as you can see by this amazing base:

Wouldn't you love to visit this cantina sometime soon?

3. In other news:

Thanks as always for you ongoing support, we are working on a project for a galaxy far far away and for the grimdark future at the same time so we are currently somewhat busy....


Your War Scenery Team

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