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Newsletter [June 2024]

Dear Blog Followers we return this month with some incredible news about your favourite Terrain and Minis Design Team from Germany.

Our currently running Kickstarter has passed its first week. This is currently the Kickstarter with the highest backer count after a week.

With some more amazing Stretchgoals on the way, To'ka Station is making out to be a great success! Check out all the news here:

2. Release Elven Refugium:

Speaking of Stretchgoals, are releassing most of the Elven Refugium Files today. We will now send out all download links for the files. They will become availiable at the same time in our store!

3. MMF und Cults:

As announced we have now hosted our Miniatures and some other cool files on two new platforms. You may check them out on there as well, or be a loyal customer on this website, choice is yours!

4. Nekropainter:

Our friend Nekropainter, who, as you can see, also took part in our To'ka Station painting competition with a wonderful entry, is offering some great painting courses this year: HERE

Folgt ihm auch gerne auf Insta:

5. Baron of Dice:

Dear Subscribers, we are announcing a new collaboration. Use the code

"WarScenery" for 5% off on any and all Baron of Dice Products. You can now also get an asortment of our STL Terrain on his website, as well as physically printed War Scenery Terrain by our Partner Tabletop Terrain on the same website.

6. Community Prints:

Here we have an incredible assortment of awesome photos of gaming tables with our terrain on. Check them out in full detail below:

7. Shop Rework:

We have split our Terrain and Mini Offers into two seperate pages and also improved a few other things here and there!

8. Price Adjustments:

Something you will not hear from any big miniature company, is that an adjustment will mean a price decrease. But we did. Just now, we reduced the prices on many of our older collection's models. Check for yourself.

Thanks and Greetings

Your War Scenery Team

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Written by: War Scenery

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