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Newsletter [March 2023]

Three months in one Newsletter, well we better get to it then. War Scenery, meaning the whole team was super busy the last months. We have so much amazing stuff in store for you:

1. Outpost Release to Shop

Grimdark Outpost our latest 3D printable Terrain collection has just been released to all backers and now also to our shop. All terrain pieces are now purchasable.

2. Look back at Tactica 2023

What an amazing start to this year. The Tactica Wargaming Convention in Hamburg, Germany was a blast. We met a lot of fans, backers and companions there and offered a wide arrangement of printed Terrain.

3. Adepticon + Excl Discount and Model

With the Adepticon right around the corner we thought it might be good to remind you that we will actually be there with a shop booth. Besides that multiple Legion Gaming Tables have been sponsored by us and are full of our terrain, painted by some of the best painters on Terra.

But surely, we wouldn't come empty handed. Not only are we offering a site-wide discount again, we are also bringing an exclusive model to the Adepticon....

4. New Collection coming soon

On the horizon we have some very cool stuff. This year will be full of amazing War Scenery releases. This is the first look at one of these new pieces:

5. New License Partners

Some new Merchants have started a cooperation with us. Check them out here:

Thanks and Greetings

Your War Scenery Team

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Written by: War Scenery

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