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Newsletter [May 2022]

In this War Scenery Newsletter we cover multiple interesting new topics, like the release of a new Kickstarter, 3D printed models and the War Scenery Survey:

1. New KS:

On the far fringes of our galaxy a new power is rising! On the borders of this expansionist empire outposts are being constructed with artistic precision.

Nothing will stand in their path, resist and be einlightend. Integrate or be destroyed! Today the pre-launch will start. More about that soon.

2. Printed Models:

Here is a new roundup of great 3D printed War Scenery Terrain by our Luicensed printers, check them out here. You can also become a licensed printer, just follow the link.

3. The Community Survey: [100+ answers already!]

This is your chance to tell us what models you always wanted to see if you haven't already like the first 100! Let us know your ideas, critique and wishes! It only takes 6-8 minutes. When you finish the survey there will be some free 3D printable War Scenery models for you to download as a sign of our gratitude:

Thanks and Greetings

Your War Scenery Team

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Written by: War Scenery

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