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Newsletter [May 2024]

Dear Subscribers, we return today with a very interesting newsletter, which will tease you about many upcoming things and changes here at War Scenery.

1. Coming soon: MMF + ETSY:

We are expanding our shop to Etsy and MyMiniFactory in the next month. You will be able to get miniatures as STLs or Physical Prints in the very soon future. Make sure to follow both shops and bookmark them as favourites:

1. Last Chance to Late Pledge Elven Refugium:

If you have missed the end of the Kickstarter Elven Refugium, you can still go for a late pledge and get these amazing Eldar Terrain pieces for the Special Kickstarter Price.

2. Castograd now in Store:

We have just released all Terrain and Miniatures to our shop. You may now pick them up individually from there. We hope you like them!

3. New Kickstarter Teaser:

Next month we are revisiting a Galaxy far Away and travel to a very remote planet once again that has been deleted from the Orders Archives. Joining us this time, in addition to the terrain of course, is a squad of very elite soliders....

4. Race for Terra Painting Tutorial:

In this Painting Tutorial our dear friend Race for Terra is showing you how to paint a really grim and weathered looking Yar'Kassy/Desert Trading Post Terrain set that we have sent him.

5. War Scenery x DeTinnenRoos:

DeTinnenRoos is a company based in the Netherlands that we have met for the first time at Adepticon. We have just visited them. It was a fantastic trip! We are very thankful for all the cool insights and look forward to working together in the near future! Bringing our designs to the next level with the production capabilities of Ramón and his team!

Thanks and Greetings

Your War Scenery Team

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