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Newsletter [November 2020]

Welcome back to our War Scenery Newsletter for November 2020.

We are hard at work for our next Kickstarter. This Newsletter gives you a glimpse at what is to come and how it might look once its painted up, here are some colourful images for you:

War Scenery Earthshaker Plattform

An Earthshaker Plattfrom ready to shake some earth! And while we are onto that, how about some colours...

Coming soon in the next Kickstarter! This will be a big one, and we hope to start it already in 2020. Subscribe to our Newsletter to be alerted once this biggy drops! Until then, keep purging the heretics and carry on.

War Scenery Shield Generator

And dont forget to these damn shields up in case of bombardment!

Greetings and thanks

Your War Scenery Team

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Written by: War Scenery

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