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Newsletter [November 2023]

Dear War Scenery Fans, we are back with another great blog entry covering all news about our 3D printable Terrain design studio! Learn here what we have been up to!

1. Outer Rim Files now in Store:

You can now buy every 3D model to print from the Outer Rim Collection. You can create very cool looking Koboh or Lothal Gaming Tables with these ones.

Star Wars Legion Lothal Terrain 3D printable

2. Become a Pre-Release Printer:

What you need to have:

  • Active Instagram Account with more than 100 subs

  • Skill in painting miniatures or terrain

  • A working RESIN or FDM printer

  • Interest in 40k or Legion

If you are this person, message/dm us on Instagram:

3. Printed Examples:

We are always seeing and receiving photos of your prints but the last month was one of the greatest ever, we think the photos speak for themselves:

4. Meet us at the LVO:

If you are visiting the Las Vegas Open make sure to check our Booth and meet us in person! We are always glad to get in touch with you! We are also sponsoring the LVO with a contribution to the VIP Goodie bags. There is a suprise miniature waiting for you. If thats not enough we will also bring some new releases to the con.

5. Work in Progress Models:

We are headsdeep into the development of our next grimdark Kickstarter.....

Thanks and Greetings

Your War Scenery Team

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Written by: War Scenery

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