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Newsletter [October 2020]

Welcome to the October 2020 Newsletter. It's showtime!

After teasering you all for some time now, we thought it might be good idea to give you, trusted subscribers, our loyal companions a look into what's going on behind the scenes in the War Scenery Industrial Complex:

A shield generator, very useful in case of constant bombardment, a watchtower to guard your surroundings and a factory that produces weapons for the great wars.

And what do we have here? This is a Command Bunker that also serves as a repair facility for small vehicles and tanks like the well-known rhinozeros or the lemon-russel tank.

Important Sidenote: Please keep in mind that all these design are still WIP!

And for all of you fans of a galaxy wihch is far far away we also have something to show:

We hope you enjoyed this little reveal snippet and we hope to see you again when the Kickstarter(s) go live very soon....


War Scenery

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