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Newsletter [October 2021]

Welcome back to the latest installment of the War Scenery Newsletter! This is a special Newsletter where we feature Creators and Influencers that are connected with War Scenery.

Here is the link to our newest Kickstarter again: CLICK HERE

Deathtrooper Wargaming is an amazing German Video Creator who focuses on tabletop Wargaming in far far away galaxys! Subscribe to him for battle reports and reviews.

Dizzyfinger creates Videos in English and German an focuses on reviews, painting tutorials or just chilled hang-outs. He is a very talented painter and deserves your subscription.

Featured War Scenery Products: Insurgent Troopers

3. Salaise Figurine

Salaise Figurine is a french painter who is extremly skilled and now also hosts a YouTube Channel where he uploads cinematic and storydriven battle reports

Featured War Scenery Products:

Gothic Sanctuary Terrain

4. Hobbyist Life

Hobbyist Life is a YouTuber located in Portugal who is a real printing maniac, he owns and reviews many printers on a regular basis.

5. Diced

Diced is an amazing german YouTube Channel dedicated to all things tabletop! He has received some of our models and included them in battle reports.

Featured War Scenery Products:

Space Battle Pack

Le culte du D is a french channel who also focuses on reviews, here he reviews our current Kickstarter District 1919.

Octopainter is a french Instagram Artist who also 3D prints himself. He has done some amazing coverage on the newest War Scenery Kickstarter.

6. Calleevilguy

Calleevilguy is a german Instagram Creator who has also featured our Kickstarter and is covering battle reports and also reviews.

Featured War Scenery Products:

Insurgent Troopers + Props

7. Phoenix Forge

Phoenix Forge is an australian 3D printer who is also a skilled designer himself. He has printed and painted so many War Scenery Buildings.

Featured War Scenery Products:

Grimdark Terrain Eternity Walls

8. Urban ArtworX

Urban Artworx is a german 3D printing service who is a licensed partner of us but also a skilled painter.

Featured War Scenery Products:

District 1919 Terrain

9. Phillip Kaltenstein

Phillip Kaltenstein is a really skilled box-art designer who has painted some soldiers from our newest Kickstarter. On his Instagram he posts stunning painted miniatures.

Featured War Scenery Products:

Insurgent Troopers

Are we missing anyone? Please let us know!

Thanks and Greetings

Your War Scenery Team

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Written by: War Scenery

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