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Newsletter [October 2023]

Welcome to this Newsletter covering all news about 3D printable Terrain by the best designer team, namely War Scenery. We have some very interesting things to talk to you about, lets get into it:

1. Black Friday Sale still ongoing

The Black Friday Sale is still ongoing till the end of this day. Use the code "blackfriday23" for a full 25% discount on all products today!

War Scenery Black Friday Offer

2. Release Date for Outer Rim:

The next Collection coming to our shop, Outer-Rim, will release to all Kickstarter backers on the 30th of November and will become availiable in our store at that time as well. You can look forward to all of these amazing models:

3D printable Lothal and Koboh Star Wars Legion Terrain STL files

3. Last Stretchgoal Revealed:

We have just unveiled our last model from the Outer-Rim Kickstarter, the Herbalist, a store we you can buy various vegetational goods from trustworthy sellers.

3D printable Koboh City Terrain

4. War Scenery Miniatures availiable again

We have just re-organized all our Miniatures into new and more attractive sets. Check them out right now, and use the black friday code for even better prices:

Star Wars Legion 3D printable STL files Rebels

5. Printed Terrain:

One of our most trusted and loyal backers, @skrittar has provided us with a beautifully made LED Power Generator from the Chapters HQ Kickstarter.

Space Marine Terrain 3D printable Terrain

6. Teasers:

What do we have here? A new teaser for an upcoming collection???

Thanks and Greetings

Your War Scenery Team

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Written by: War Scenery

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