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Newsletter [September 2023]

Welcome back to our newsletter featuring a lot of cool videos about 3D printing War Scenery Terrain, starting with a banger from Nick:

1. Video Review by Nick from PlayOnTabletop

A great video just dropped from PlayOnTabletop, where Nick, who me met at Adepticon 2024 goes over the reasons and benefits of 3D printing for our shared hobby. And look, whats sitting there on his table? The Infantry Command and Plasma Generator! Wow. These once and many more have been featured on his channel mutliple times in battle reports already! Thanks for the shoutout Sir!

2. New Kickstarter is still running

Very cool and very sucessfull, our current porject Outer-Rim Territories has now unlocked a lot more interesting Stretchgoals, have a look below!

3. Video Reviews for Chapters HQ

First of, Roll Em if you got em posted a great video where he goes over the past Chapters HQ Kickstarter and then proceeds to print and paint an Armored Generator from this set.

A long time supporter of our Kickstarters who shouted out many of our projects in his videos along the years has returned giving his opinions on our current project:

4. Painted Minis and Terrain

Now we feature our pack of promotional Terrain that we will bring to all conventions around the world, painted by the talented Sarah from Fane of Illusion in Germany! She did an amazing job bringing our Grimdark Outpost collection to life!

War Scenery 3D printable Warhammer 40k Terrain Imperial Guard

5. Chapters Headquarter now in store!

All files from Chapters HQ are now availiable in our webstore! Check them out if you haven't already.

6. Kickstarter News!

Have a look at the first PLA Testprint of Ott's Shop from our current Kickstarter Campaign. We hope you like it!

Thanks and Greetings

Your War Scenery Team

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Written by: War Scenery

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