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Designed by: War Scenery

Tau Watercaste Merchant Diplomat by War Scenery from the United Frontier Collection.

[3D printable Miniatures for Wargaming - Optimized for Warhammer 40k] 

Tau Watercaste Merchant Diplomat

  • All War Scenery files are delivered in the STL format and should be ready for printing. Larger Models are usually split up to ease printing as well as the tops of buildings beeing seperate. If there should be any remaining questions for you please contact us.

  • This War Scenery Miniature is scaled and optimized for Tabletop Games like Warhammer 40k. The Scale of this model is 28mm which is the Warhammer 40k scaling, but it can be scaled freely in your slicer to fit any game of your choosing. It can therefore easily also be used for Adeptus Titanicus or Epic Armageddon.

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