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Newsletter [July 2021]

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Welcome back to the world of War Scenery! In this newsletter we'll have a look at some upcoming products as well as on some YouTube product reviews.

1. Behold the mighty Asteroid Base:

To kick this one off, here is our new Asteroid Base from the upcoming Space Combat Collection, which is massive (ly detailed) and ready to printed for Star Wars Armada.

3D printable Asteroid Space Station
3D printable Asteroid Space Base

2. New Collection availiable:

A new collection has appeared out of the eather, this time we are going to space! Have a look at all the cool new stuff coming soon! These models are specifically designed to fit Star Wars Armada or X-Wing. This range will be expanded upon if you guys like it:

3D printable Space Station Towers

As well as these 3 Towers (Dual Laser, Ion Cannon and Generator), we also offer a bigger Ion Cannon and two Generators, looking forward to be blown up by some random farmguy.

3D printable Space Station Generators

3. War Scenery Featured:

Our products have been featured in two seperate videos on YouTube (in German), kicking this off is DeathTrooperWaraming, having a look at some buildings as well as our minis:

Next up, Diced is taking a closer look at our current miniatures range as well as some insights into upcoming top secret miniatures from a galaxy far away....

4. Upcoming:

The Battle Station will be put to the Test very soon:

3D printable Battle Station in an Asteroid Base

Greetings and Thanks

Your War Scenery Team

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Written by: War Scenery

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