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Newsletter [June 2022]

In June of 2022 we, War Scenery, are running a Kickstarter and are in the loop to releaseing more cool 3D printable Wargaming Terrain and Miniatures:

1. New Stretchgoals for United Frontier:

Our current Campaign on Kickstarter is running well. We are therefore happy to announce new models that can be unlocked in the next 16 remaining days. We have a big shield generator battery, which is modular here:

Tau Shield Generator 3D printing

Here we got two little helpers, for the really annoying construction work:

Tau Earth Caste Builders Construction Drones

And here we have the main construction bay with tower an docking bays:

United Frontier Stretchgoal

2. Inspiration and Ideas:

For all of you hot-blooded folks or fans of the enclaves, we present to you two alternative colour schemes:

Farsight Enclaves Terrain Tau Warhammer 40k

And at last we have a little example of how you can build your own UF base:

Warhammer Tau Dawn of War 3D printable Terrain

3. Other Teasers:

For all of you from a different far away galaxy, we have this excluisve teaser. Who could these three imposing ladys be? Do you have an idea?

Greetings and thanks

Your War Scenery Team

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Written by: War Scenery

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