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Newsletter [June 2023]

Dear Subscribers, welcome back to our Newsletter Series, with some new infos about your favourite 3D printable Terrain producer, War Scenery:

1. New YouTube Coverage of War Scenery:

2. New photos of printed Terrain and Minis:

iPaintSmallThings did a great hob with his Yar'Kassy desert Terrain, that he got from our store and printed for himself. They look pretty cool on the desert mat as well.

Tatooine 3D printed Terrain Star Wars

And here we have some more amazing applications of our Terrain in various forms. For example Epic Warhammer 40k or as a cool Legion Terrain Table.

3. New Scatter Terrain Set availiable:

The Grimdark Outpost Scatter Terrain Set has been released and can now be purchased in our Shop. You can put these props onto the landing pads etc.

4. Teasers:

Oh what do we have here????

War Scenery Teasers

Make sure to follow us on Instagram for some more photos of upcoming models:

Thanks and Greetings

Your War Scenery Team

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Written by: War Scenery

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