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Newsletter [May 2023]

Dear War Scenery Newsletter Subscribers. Here we go again, with some news about your favourite 3D printable Terrain Design Team:

1. New Video just dropped

Our friend iPaintSmallThings just released a super cool video, where he 3D printed our terrain and painted it to fit his very unique setting Grimdark Star Wars! This is a very well made and thematic looking scenario. Thanks you!

War Scenery 3D printed Tatooine Terrain

2. War Scenery Miniatures painted

This is a quick arrangement of some of the best paintjobs of our Miniatures from our friends and partners. Not all of them are yet released, keep an eye out!

3D printable Star Wars Legion Miniatures Rebels Sith

3. Commercial Printing License

We've received a lot of applications for our Printing Licenses since we opened the page. If you also want to become a licensed printer, start here:

4. Teasers for upcoming terrain

We are going to visit the Outer Rim soon again, these are teaser pieces we are test printing right now.

Thanks and Cheers

Your War Scenery Team

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Written by: War Scenery

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