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Newsletter [September 2020]

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Welcome back to our War Scenery Newsletter!

What has been happening in these last month till now:

1. Miniatures availiable at a discount:

Our Miniature Collection is a discount for a limited time! Check them out

2. New Images in the Gallery:

We have added a bunch of new photos of War Scenery Models to our Gallery! Check them out and if you have any pictures you would like to share, please contact us on Facebook! We would love to see them: Facebook

War Scenery Gallery (Printed Models)
War Scenery Gallery (Printed Models)

3. New Teasers:

What could that be. Some sorts of spikes, a furnace and a gunslinging lady maybe? You will have to wait some time to find out.

Until next time :)

Your War Scenery Team

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Written by: War Scenery

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