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Newsletter [April 2023]

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Dear Subscribers of the one and only War Scenery Blog. Long has it been, we know... But worry not as we bring some crazy updates and news about the best 3D printable Terrain and Miniatures to you.

1. Adepticon Recap

After 3 amazing Tactica Conventions in Germany we thought it was about time to fly over the great lake to the US and see what these guys are about. The Adepticon was a full success. We have met the who is who of the Tabletop Scene including MWG, PlayOnTabletop, Goobertown and many more, including Laramie from Tabletop Terrain, one of our most trusted printing partners from the US. Here are a few cool images from the Gaming boards we've sponsored as well as the lovely pained Insurgents and Heroes from our Glass Cabinet.

2. New Licensed Printers

We are happy to welcome BenAD 3D, Garfies Games and Shermans March to our growing list of licensed printing services. If you want to get a printing license yourself for any of our 10 collections just click below.

War Scenery 3D printable Warhammer 40k Models STLs

3. Applications for Printing License open again

There is a lot going on in the 3D printing scene just now and we've decided to open applications again for becoming holders of War Scenery printing licenses. Click below to get to the application for.

Commercial Printing License War Scenery

4. New Photos of prints

We've got some new amazing images of 3D printed Terrain and Minis designed by War Scenery some of them from customers some from the Adepticon.

5. Coming soon

A man with two horns who once jumped out of a starship

A place thats very very wet that was destroyed from orbit

A place we've been to that's course, rough and irritating

A place where a boy did a speeder chase with bucketheads

A place where cooled lava is used as a fundament for houses

A place where followers of the 8 pointed star fight 4 ex-criminals

Thanks and Cheers

Your War Scenery Team

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Written by: War Scenery

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